frequently asked questions for thanksbaby breastmilk bags

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

This page answers the frequently asked questions about ThanksBaby.  Also, details of using the ThanksBaby breastmilk bag are described.

Can you reuse the bag?

We generally recommend not reusing the bag. Once the bag is used and if you want to reuse the bag, you need to completely clean it up and dry the bag without leaving any water inside the bag.

What is the thermal indicator?

The thermal indicator gives you a quick reference to the temperature of the bag for feeding. It is meant for quick reference ONLY. You may still need to measure the temperature to find the exact temperature.

Thanksbaby breastmilk bag temperature indicator v1

How to warm up the bag?

The below table describes the state of a bag: Frozen, Refrigeration, and Post-thaw state and respective temperature to warm up the bag.

Thanksbaby breastmilk bag temperature states for feeding

Frozen State: a bag was placed in a freezer and it is fully frozen. Place the bag in warm water at 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) until the bag becomes 37 degrees Celsius(98.6 Fahrenheit).  Typically, you can store the bag for up to 3 months in the frozen state.

Refrigeration State:  a bag was placed in the refrigerator.  In order to warm up the bag, you may put it in warm water measured at 40 degrees Celsius. You may store the bag for up to 3 days in a refrigerator.

Post-thaw state: 37 degrees Celsius is the right temperature for feeding.

Caution:  Never microwave the bag or boil the bag with water

Can you use the bag for other use?

Yes, you may use the bag for storing supplementary baby foods such as baby snacks, baby broth, or fruits.  Thanks to the double zipper, other supplementary baby foods are safely stored and you don’t need to worry about the contents of the bag being spilled.

How does the volume indicator work?

The volume of ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag is 8.45oz, and the volume can be visually checked with the volume label as below.

thanksbaby breastmilk bag volume indicator

What is the correct sequence of using the bag?

Before putting the breastmilk in the bag:

·         Write date and time in the space provided in the bag with a marker.  There are three boxes to write the name of the baby, yy/mm/dd, and time demonstrated

Thanksbaby breastmilk bag time marker

·         Cut the top portion along the perforated line of the bag depicted below.

Thanksbaby breastmilk bag easy cut line

·         Fill the bag with the breastmilk (we assume you already put the breastmilk in a bottle)

·         Carefully zip the bag

·         Store the bag in the fridge or freezer in the upright position

Steps to take before feeding the baby with the milk in the bag:

·         Cut the outlet on the side of the bag

·         Warm it up with lukewarm water

·         Carefully fill the breastmilk into a bottle

A breastmilk bag helps the mother and baby while they are traveling or she is away from her baby.  It provides a convenient way to store, carry, and feed the baby. Breastfeeding helps children for healthy living throughout the entire life of a baby.

Below is a quick description of each step with photos by a sequence of use.

thanksbaby breastmilk bags sequence of use