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About The Best Breastmilk Storage Bag | ThanksBaby

The best breastmilk storage bag

ThanksBaby | Best breastmilk storage bag

ThanksBaby, the best breastmilk storage bag has been researched and designed by a number of mothers of babies, who were looking for an alternate way to breastfeed their babies.  They need the following for their need:

  • Safe Use
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy & simple use
  • Leak-free
  • Be able to put it into freezer or fridge

History of ThanksBaby

ThanksBaby researched the above requirements of mothers of newborn babies, and carefully designed the breastmilk storage bag not only meeting the requirements but also adding convenient features such as volume indicator, temperature indicator, self-standing, double zipper, and easy cut.

ThanksBaby Manufacturer

ThanksBaby is being manufactured by a large and ISO-certified facility in S. Korea, namely Jangan HiTech, which has been manufacturing the best breastmilk storage bag for the global market with high success, especially in Asia.

ThanksBaby and its co-brands

The products are distributed under another brand called “Perfection”, which mothers of babies love the brand for high quality and convenience. Under Perfection, it was produced over a billion units of breastmilk bags for the global market.

ThanksBaby in the US

We launched the brand in the US in 2018 and learned that many moms love Thanks Baby for easy, simple, safe use in the US.