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Using ThanksBaby breastmilk bags

Best breastmilk bags ThanksBaby

Using ThanksBaby breastmilk bags | Multipurpose

Use the ThanksBaby Breastmilk bag for storing other valuable food products as you need.  ThanksBaby breastmilk bags has been originally designed for storing breastmilk   However, you can put your other valuable items in the bag such as supplementary baby foods, drinks, or medicine.

Using ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag

Valuable features

The double zipper feature allows securely and conveniently locking the breastmilk storage bags without worrying about a spill.  Furthermore, the temperature indicator makes it possible to decide whether you need to warm up the content of the bag.   The volume indicator is another convenient function to check for the right amount to feed the baby.

Safety of the bag

We understand that the safety of the bag is crucial for you and your baby. The product is made FDA-compliant for food contact and passed the test under FDA 21 CFR Part 175-181.

You can count on Thanksbaby breastmilk storage bags that have been produced over billions of counts for many mothers around the globe.

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Breastmilk freezer bags ThanksBaby

breastmilk freezer bags

ThanksBaby breastmilk freezer bags

The brand was born by a number of mothers of newborn babies, who needed a way to feed breastmilk for their babies when they are away from the baby.   They had researched and studied the best way to store the breastmilk.  Also, easy, simple, and safe use of the breastmilk freezer bags were the top concerns for the mothers.

breastmilk freezer bags

Safety of Breastmilk Bag

A bag made of plastic material resolves issues with feeding a baby while the mother is away from the baby.  Yet, the bag has to be made of safe material without having any harmful chemicals contained in the bag. Another safety concern was the leak-free.  Her breastmilk is so precious for the baby that the bag has to be securely stored in the bag.

Filling the bag with breastmilk freezer bags

It could be helpful for a mother to see the volume of the breastmilk in the bag after filling in. So that she would know the amount of breastmilk in the bag or bags.  Volume indicator mark in the bag helps to prepare for the production of breastmilk ahead of time.

Storage of breastmilk freezer bags

In order to store the bag with breastmilk, a  freezer or fridge is obviously an ideal place.  Therefore, the material of the bag has to be sustainable from low temperatures.  Sometimes a freezer is a busy place so the bags with breastmilk need to be stacked up together while ensuring the breastmilk is not spilled.  This is the reason why a double-zipper is a necessity to securely lock the bag.  Below is the helpful information of valid storage period by each state:

Storage period by the state

Frozen state in a freezer3 months
Refrigerator3 days
Post thaw1 day


Time tracking

A mother needs to know how old is the breastmilk freezer bags in a bag ensuring not to feed the baby with expired breastmilk.  Therefore, they came up with the idea of marking the bag with the time and date the milk was produced.   She can write the time mark on the bag easily.

The Right temperature for feeding

If the bag with breastmilk is frozen or cold, a mother needs to thaw the bag.  The best way to defrost her breastmilk in the bag is with warm water. A microwave oven can overheat the bag; therefore, she should NOT use a microwave oven.   After thawing the breastmilk, she now needs to find out if the milk is the right temperature for feeding.   It could be very helpful if she can quickly find out the right temperature zone for feeding.   Therefore, a thermal sensor with the breastmilk storage bags was embedded so that it helps to quickly find the right temperature.

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How to store breast milk bags

Storing breast milk bags

Storing breast milk bags | ThanksBaby 8.45oz

The best way for storing breast milk depends on your choice and your situation. From time to time you may want to use either a bottle or a bag.

Pros and Cons using a bottle

If you choose to store the milk in a bottle, it may be easier to store the milk in a bottle for short time, 5 to 7 days.  Moreover, it is natural and eco-friendly.  The bottle allows easy checking of the volume of the milk.  However, you may not able to mark the date and time to track, and only good for 5 to 7 days of storage.   Also, every use, you need to clean up the bottle thoroughly.

Pros and Cons using a bag

You can store the milk for up to 6 months in a freezer below -18 Celsius or -0.4 Fahrenheit.  However, in a refrigerator below 4 Celsius or 39 Fahrenheit, you can store up to 5 days  You can easily mark the time and date for tracking and store also.  The bags shall be immediately available after thawing them.   Other advantages include being easy to store in the freezer, being highly useful when you are traveling and you don’t need to clean it up. Also, the baby can still be fed even at a baby care center.  The only disadvantage of using a bag is that it is not eco-friendly.

How to use the breast milk bag?

Storing breast milk bags

Please ensure to wash your hands completely before pumping.  Mark date and time in the bag. After pumping into a bottle, carefully fill the bag with the breast milk.   Then zip the bag and store it in the freezer or refrigerator.   Ensure to thaw the breast milk in lukewarm water temperature at 40°C or 104°F for about 20 minutes.

Please check further details with CDC “Proper Storage and Preparation of Breast Milk”

About ThanksBaby Breast Milk Bags

  • ThanksBaby Breast Milk Bags are 100% leak-free with a securely sealed double zipper bag: a Double zipper bag allows securely seal off the contents of the bag ensuring without a leak for your valuable feed for your baby
  • Designed with durable and high-quality material: We provide the highest quality of the product that guarantees a mother’s satisfaction
  • A separate outlet located at the top provides convenience and further hygiene (easy rip-off and pouring). It allows pouring the milk easily and securely through a separate outlet that makes not only convenient but gives further hygienic function
  • BPA free: No lead and Bisphenol
  • Self-standing for easy storage: You can store the bags in the freezer or fridge vertical or horizontal without a spill. Other valuable features: Thermal Indicator provides a quick reference of the temperature of the milk (quick reference ONLY; one still needs to measure the temperature) Volume Indicator can give you more than 98% of the accuracy of the volume. The date & Time marker makes it easy to track the history of the bags.

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Breastfeeding helps children | ThanksBaby

Breastfeeding helps children

Breastfeeding helps children for healthy living

Breastfeeding helps children for healthy living not only in the infant stage but also entire life. The study indicates that breastfed children are visiting fewer hospitals than non-breastmilk-fed children. That means breastmilk really helps the health of the baby. The breastmilk contains necessary vitamins and helps to develop allergy resistance during the infant, which makes him or her healthy living.

Breastfeeding helps children

Issues with breastfeeding

One of the issues with breastfeeding is storage and convenience. It could be very difficult to feed the baby without a breastmilk bag while you are traveling or working, apart from the baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps children for healthy living not only in the infant stage but also entire life. The study indicates that breastfed children are visiting fewer hospitals than non-breastmilk-fed children. That means breastmilk really helps the health of the baby. The breastmilk contains necessary vitamins and helps to develop allergy resistance during the infant, which makes him or her healthy living.

ThanksBaby Helps the mothers of babies

A breastmilk bag helps the mother of the baby when she needs to feed her baby, while she is traveling or away from the baby. ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag was designed by a number of working mothers, who are highly concerned about their babies for breastfeeding.  Especially while they are working, their baby needs the mother’s breastmilk. They considered important key factors of the bag that has to be easy, simple, and safe to use.  The ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag was born by these three important elements originated from the number of mothers, who well understood about breastmilk feeding helps children for healthy living.

ThanksBaby Breastmilk bags are durable

ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag provides several key features for storing your most valuable breastmilk.  You can zip the bag with a double zipper ensuring the milk will not spill. It also allows self-standing so that you can store multiple bags easily in your fridge.

Safe to use

Consumer Testing Lab tested the ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag under Food Contact Materials according to  9-54 SOP with reference to Title 21 of the US Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 175 – 181. It is also proven that the materials are BPA-free, and there is no Lead or Phthalates tested by a third-party lab. Also, it is certified for CPSIA test.


ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bags are portable thanks to made of sturdy materials.  Once you put it into a fridge, you can store it for more than a couple of months.

Multiple valuable features 

ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag 8.45oz shall bring you many valuable benefits: Thermal indicator, Volume indicator, Date tracking, Two-way outlets, and perforated for easy cut.

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About The Best Breastmilk Storage Bag | ThanksBaby

The best breastmilk storage bag

ThanksBaby | Best breastmilk storage bag

ThanksBaby, the best breastmilk storage bag has been researched and designed by a number of mothers of babies, who were looking for an alternate way to breastfeed their babies.  They need the following for their need:

  • Safe Use
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy & simple use
  • Leak-free
  • Be able to put it into freezer or fridge

History of ThanksBaby

ThanksBaby researched the above requirements of mothers of newborn babies, and carefully designed the breastmilk storage bag not only meeting the requirements but also adding convenient features such as volume indicator, temperature indicator, self-standing, double zipper, and easy cut.

ThanksBaby Manufacturer

ThanksBaby is being manufactured by a large and ISO-certified facility in S. Korea, namely Jangan HiTech, which has been manufacturing the best breastmilk storage bag for the global market with high success, especially in Asia.

ThanksBaby and its co-brands

The products are distributed under another brand called “Perfection”, which mothers of babies love the brand for high quality and convenience. Under Perfection, it was produced over a billion units of breastmilk bags for the global market.

ThanksBaby in the US

We launched the brand in the US in 2018 and learned that many moms love Thanks Baby for easy, simple, safe use in the US.