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Breastmilk freezer bags ThanksBaby

breastmilk freezer bags

ThanksBaby breastmilk freezer bags

The brand was born by a number of mothers of newborn babies, who needed a way to feed breastmilk for their babies when they are away from the baby.   They had researched and studied the best way to store the breastmilk.  Also, easy, simple, and safe use of the breastmilk freezer bags were the top concerns for the mothers.

breastmilk freezer bags

Safety of Breastmilk Bag

A bag made of plastic material resolves issues with feeding a baby while the mother is away from the baby.  Yet, the bag has to be made of safe material without having any harmful chemicals contained in the bag. Another safety concern was the leak-free.  Her breastmilk is so precious for the baby that the bag has to be securely stored in the bag.

Filling the bag with breastmilk freezer bags

It could be helpful for a mother to see the volume of the breastmilk in the bag after filling in. So that she would know the amount of breastmilk in the bag or bags.  Volume indicator mark in the bag helps to prepare for the production of breastmilk ahead of time.

Storage of breastmilk freezer bags

In order to store the bag with breastmilk, a  freezer or fridge is obviously an ideal place.  Therefore, the material of the bag has to be sustainable from low temperatures.  Sometimes a freezer is a busy place so the bags with breastmilk need to be stacked up together while ensuring the breastmilk is not spilled.  This is the reason why a double-zipper is a necessity to securely lock the bag.  Below is the helpful information of valid storage period by each state:

Storage period by the state

Frozen state in a freezer3 months
Refrigerator3 days
Post thaw1 day


Time tracking

A mother needs to know how old is the breastmilk freezer bags in a bag ensuring not to feed the baby with expired breastmilk.  Therefore, they came up with the idea of marking the bag with the time and date the milk was produced.   She can write the time mark on the bag easily.

The Right temperature for feeding

If the bag with breastmilk is frozen or cold, a mother needs to thaw the bag.  The best way to defrost her breastmilk in the bag is with warm water. A microwave oven can overheat the bag; therefore, she should NOT use a microwave oven.   After thawing the breastmilk, she now needs to find out if the milk is the right temperature for feeding.   It could be very helpful if she can quickly find out the right temperature zone for feeding.   Therefore, a thermal sensor with the breastmilk storage bags was embedded so that it helps to quickly find the right temperature.