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Best air purifier for your baby!  

Automatic air cleaning 24 hours working for you

ThanksBaby brings the perfect and best air purifier for you and your baby.  The automatic operation makes your baby’s room air cleaned up all the time.  It consumes only 2.5KW (about $1 per month), while it has a power hurricane fan to draw air from multidimensional.

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ThanksBaby Air Purifier | The Best Air Purifier

The best air purifier is designed for a room, ideal for a baby room that needs to be purified all the time.   ThanksBaby Air Purifier meets what the baby room requires since it has an air quality sensor built-in, which enables the unit to check the air quality in the room, and automatically turn on the air purifier to clean the air.

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Automatic Air Purifier

ThanksBaby air purifier turns on automatically without turning it on manually.  It senses air quality through an air quality check sensor, then turns on automatically.  This is a great feature for a baby room, ensuring clean air all the time.  So your baby is safe from bad air day or night.

best air purifier ThanksBaby for room

Powerful hurricane fan (patented) & multidimensional air draw in

The unit is equipped with a patented hurricane fan system, ensuring that the air is drawn in from left, right, top, and bottom.

best air purifier

Summary of the best air purifier

  • Multidimensional air influx system: it takes air from the top, bottom, right, and left using a patented effective air influx system
  • Automated operation by air quality check sensor: the best air purifier turns on automatically when the air quality is poor.  This feature ensures clean air in the room all the time
  • Highly Portable:  You can connect the unit using any USB power source, even your mobile USB adapter should work
  • Turbo mode: You can turn the turbo mode when you want to  expedite cleaning the air
  • Quiet operation:  less than 25dB noisy level
  • Sleep mode: Put the system in minimal operation while you are sleeping (lowest fan speed, makes almost zero fan noise)
  • Less than $1 in Turbo mode operation (consumes only 2.3 KW)
  • You can choose the air filter from ThanksBaby either 1 micron or 0.3 microns. The default comes with a 1-micron air filter
  • Visible filter window: you can see the air filter via the window so that you can visually see the status of the filter
  • Filter replacement alert: After 2,000 hours of operation, the device routinely alerts you with 3 LED flashes for replacing your filter

How to change the filter

It is fairly easy to replace the air filter.  Follow the photo below when you need to replace the filter.

air filter replacement

Resetting the air filter timer

After changing the air filter, press the Touch button for 10 seconds, then the air filter timer is set to 0 for the next 2,000 hours.

To turn off the air purifier

Press the Touch button for 2 seconds, then the air purifier will be off.

Recommended room size using the air purifier

Typical room size in the US is about 132 square feet and the CARD (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of the best air purifier is 103 square feet per hour; therefore, it is always better to put it nearby the bed or desk, where you are staying the most of your time. You can always relocate the unit since it is highly portable, using the USB power input.

Product Dimension and Weight

Product dimension and weight:  10.23 x 4.92 x 10.82 inches  2.63 pounds

Where to order the air filter 

Please click here or click the image below to go to the air filter order page.

air purifier filter

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