ThanksBaby Air Purifier Filters


Replacing the air purifier filter is very easy and simple on the ThanksBaby Air Purifier.

ThanksBaby Air Purifier comes with A 1-micron air filter default when you purchase the unit.

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ThanksBaby Room Air Purifier Filters

Below are the air purifier filters we offer you.   We have 1 or 0.3-micron air filters, and the default is 1 micron, which comes with the unit, after 2,000 hours of operation, you may choose to purchase either one of these.  Please check the air filter below:

1 micron0.3 micron
NotesComes as defaultOptional


Air filter size:  9.37 x 7.7 x 1.1 inch (238 X 196 X 28 mm)

air purifier filter

1 Micron Air filter test by particle sizes: Unit in microns

Below are the efficiency test results of the 1-micron air filter by the size of particles measured in microns.

Particle size  (μm)Fractional Efficiency (%)
0.3 ~ 0.592.7
0.5 ~ 1.095.6
1.0 ~ 3.097.3
3.0 ~ 5.099.3
5.0 ~ 10.9100

Test conditions with 1micron air filter:

Flow rate: 300 m³/h, Dust concentration: 20 mg/m³)

0.3 Micron Filter (a HEPA filter)

A HEPA filter that removes 0.3 microns of airborne particles, up to 99.97%

Recommendation of replacing the air filters

The air purifier has an automatic timer set for 2,000 hours. The system will alter you by lighting LEDs which means you have reached 2,000 hours of use.  After the replacement of the air filter, then you will need to reset the timer to 0 by pressing the Touch button for 10 seconds, then the air filter timer is set to 0 for the next 2,000 hours.

How to replace the air filter

It is fairly simple to change the air filter.  Follow the below photo when you need to change the filter.

air purifier filte replacement

Additional information

Air Filter Pack

3 Pack 1-micron filter, 3 Pack 0.3 Micron


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